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Workplace Safety

Every workplace has rules that ensure everyone can go about their business without taking unnecessary safety risks. While each type of business will have its own specific safety practices, there are a few general rules that you should follow in any situation. The guidelines listed below can help you remain safer in work environments, soContinue reading “Workplace Safety”

Hiring a Patent Lawyer

Individuals who just invented something great will also need to patent their invention to protect it from theft. What steps must a person do when they set out to hire a patent lawyer? As an inventor, the person needs competent legal representation when they go to do this. Some negative perceptions have arisen because ofContinue reading “Hiring a Patent Lawyer”

Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner or any kind of leader in a small business, you will find that you are in a very interesting position. In large companies, the owner is often detached from the workers on the ground floor. These companies are just too big for them to be able to makeContinue reading “Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners”

What to Do If Your Patent is Denied

Applying for a patent is tedious work, and learning that your patent has been rejected can be a crushing experience. However, even if your patent application is denied, there are still steps you can take to fight for your patent. Prior to Application The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) handles all patent applications inContinue reading “What to Do If Your Patent is Denied”

What is OSHA?

Even outside of workplaces that pose threats to workers’ health, most United States’ citizens have heard of OSHA. However, if their work does not regularly endanger them, there is a high chance that many individuals do not actually know much about the agency. Those who are unaware of OSHA’s role should be aware of howContinue reading “What is OSHA?”

Creating a Business Plan

Entrepreneurs and business owners must take certain steps and precautions when building or expanding a business. The simplest and most effective way to go about this is by creating a business plan. While crafting a business plan can take considerable time and effort, business owners who have a thorough plan will be better prepared forContinue reading “Creating a Business Plan”

How to Patent an Idea

Individuals looking to obtain a patent for a new idea may find themselves disappointed. At present, the idea of something cannot be patented. Instead, individuals must have an invention, something that has actually been produced or used, in order to file for a patent. Ideas themselves cannot be patented, and they cannot be protected by copyright law,Continue reading “How to Patent an Idea”

What is Hazard Communication?

When working with chemicals in the workplace, it is imperative that individuals practice proper safety procedures in order to keep everyone involved safe. From shipping, handling, storage, and more, the presence of chemicals in the workplace can lead to dangerous situations or accidents if proper communication is not made. OSHA Regulations Hazard communication (or HazCom)Continue reading “What is Hazard Communication?”

Creating a Budget for Your Business

For entrepreneurs of all experience levels, crafting an effective budget can be a challenge, especially for individuals who do not have a background in finance. However, a strong budget can be influential in the long-term success of your business. Taking the time to create a budget you can clearly abide by is crucial for businessContinue reading “Creating a Budget for Your Business”